Making Moms Feel Special with Love and Gratitude


No matter if  mom is a new mom, a mom with teenagers or one with adult children, she wants to feel loved and appreciated for what she does.  So how can children and dads help mom feel their love and gratitude?  Here are a few basics ingredients that should give you a winning combination in making the mom in your family feel special.

A Recipe for Making Mom’s Feel Special 


1. Set aside TIME to be with the mom in your family.  “We vote with our feet as to what is most important to us.”

2. Prepare Mom by letting her know you WANT TO SPEND TIME with her.

3. Add in TIME liberally.

3. Add in CURIOUSITY  and LISTENING.  Asking how she is, how she is doing, how she is feeling, etc.

4. Add in APPRECIATION.  Tell mom what you appreciate about her. Use descriptive praise in detailing out what she does that you are grateful for. These words of gratitude are powerful and help her to know that her efforts and acts of love are not going unnoticed.

5. Stir in a big heap of  HELP when she needs it, without asking!  She will love this and feel that her love and caring is coming back full circle.

6. Frost with LOVE. Verbally tell mom that you love her or write a special note with your words of affection. You will have our own special way of expressing your love, whether it be a letter, a poem, a drawing or special gift that is uniquely suited to your mom. Small, thoughtful gifts throughout the year are a lovely way of reminding mom you are thinking of her. It is not the cost of the gift, but the thoughtful timing and presentation of something that is a true fit for your mom.

7. Sprinkle with DAD MODELING FOR CHILDREN LOVE and GRATITUDE TOWARD MOM. If your children are young (or not so young) your leadership in modeling love and gratitude can make all the difference in the world. THANK YOU, DAD!!!

Baking Time: FOREVER


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