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building connection, fun, and love in your relationships


Tanna HeadshotHi my name is Tanna Strom. I am a Licensed Marital & Family Therapist and ,in addition, a Registered Play Therapist. I do a lot of therapy with children, families and couples. I consider myself a Relationship Therapist, in that a lot of my focus is on helping families and couples to build healthy relationships.

My goal for my “creating branches” blog is to share ideas for how to create more connection, fun and love in your relationships. One of my passions is to help others to find ways to strengthen both their couple relationship and their family relationships. Both are important and interconnected. For a family to be strong, a couple must be strong. The couple is at its core and it must be vibrant and alive to provide the healthy, nurturing energy needed to keep a family connected and strong. On the other hand, the couple will feel more at peace and connected when the family is at peace and connected. It is a bit of a two-sided coin. Thus, my commitment to both strong couple relationships and strong family relationships.  Happy Couples, Happy Families!

This is a weekly blog with a dual intention.

1. Ideas for Relationship Building for Couples and Families  – Use the Relationship Building Tab on my Home Page

2. Sharing of Fun, Home and Community Activities for Couples and Families for Connecting in a Real-Life, Playful Way – Use the Couples Activities Tab or the Family Activities Tab on my Home Page

About the Activities:

 Some of the activities will work for both the couple or the family.

You will find activities that will mainly be Tulsa, Oklahoma specifically, as this is the community I live in. But you will also find activities that you can do in YOUR HOME, which will work for wherever you live.  Some of my activities will be outside of Tulsa featuring fun Oklahoma attractions and events. For those of you who follow my blog and are not in Oklahoma, I hope you will be able to use the community events posted as a spring-board for finding similar kinds of activities in your own community.  I try to do a balance of home and community activities, as I feel both are important.

The majority of activities will be free and inexpensive or moderately priced but I will include some special occasion activities that will cost more. I will try to note expenses with each activity if I have this information.

In addition, I have recently added in blog posts that address Individual Well Being as this is part of creating a healthy relationship with yourself which in turn helps you to have healthy relationships with your partner or spouse and your children.

Here is to lots of playful connection!


Tanna K. Strom, MS, LMFT, LPC, RPT-S, CCPS
Strom Individual & Family Therapy
5228 E. 69th Pl, Tulsa, OK 74136


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