Does Food Affect Your Relationship?


0629-couple-eat-dinner_liCan food affect our relationship with our spouse or partner???

I think the answer would be YES. There are many factors that come into play.  A few of them might be:

  1. How do each of us view food? Do we see it as a source of pleasure? Do we see it as needed for a healthy body, for energy and healing? Do we see it as part of our culture? 
  2. Whose job is it to prepare the food?
  3. Do we eat out or eat in?
  4. Where do we eat? At a dinner table or in front of a TV?
  5. Are there certain set times we eat? 
  6. How much do we spend on food?
  7. Do we eat conventional or organic? Does it matter to us?
  8. How much time do we need to spend on food preparation?
  9. Do we want boxed / canned food or fresh food? Do we care?
  10. Do we like to try new foods? Do we like the same foods?
  11. Do we have a right to restrict or discourage our partner or spouse from eating certain foods?
  12. If we have children, what kind of things should they eat or not eat?

These and many more are part of a very complex relationship between food and couples. Our family of origin and our backgrounds will affect how we see food and all the many decisions we face each day about food. How we handle differences about food is affected by our parents and the culture we grew up in also.

Having a discussion can help you begin to put together a complex puzzle of how you can potentially develop a healthy approach to food as a couple.  You will have some things you agree on and some you do not. How you resolve these issues will make a difference. Is there a healthy balance as to how you handle differences?

 Sometimes strong differences may mean each doing what they need to do, in conjunction with balancing and compromising where possible. 

Food is life and it does make a difference in our relationships. So consider taking time to really talk and find ways to work with each other’s ideas and preferences, but still be true to your own ideas.  


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