“Couple Time”? Our children are young and need us!

Couple time

Yes, young children do need us not only emotionally, but physically. And when they are so young, they are vulnerable and have special needs. So it is very tempting not to arrange for “Couple Time” when our children are very young. Many couples with young children feel overwhelmed with work (in and outside of the home), general parenting responsibilities and all of the very special needs of little ones. So WHY should “Couple Time” even be considered?

” It takes a strong, healthy couple to raise a child. Taking time to be connected and alive as a couple benefits your child as well as you.”

That said, it does not mean we have to take long vacations away from young children. Here are some things to consider when arranging for “Couple Time” when your children are young.

  • Consider the age of your child and how long they can comfortably be away from you. For example: If you have a nursing baby, it may be 2 or 3 hours tops. So you plan for a dinner out or an activity that will fit this specific time frame.  If your young children are ok with a sitter in the early evening, but have difficulty with others putting them to bed,  you can go out for a morning / afternoon / early evening time frame. Matching up and flexing with these kinds of needs can take the stress and worry out of your time away.
  • Find a friend, relative or sitter that you trust and feel very good aboutThis will allow you to relax and have a good time. 
  • Call if you need to, but try not to obsess. 
  • Use this special time to connect and “be with” your spouse or partner. As much as you can try to talk and interact about things other than your young children. 
  • Dress up and consider this a “DATE’. Keeping the romance alive is important, so make it a date. 
  • If you cannot go out, consider an “IN THE HOUSE DATE”. The baby is napping or children have gone to bed mid evening.  Go for it!  Create your own special time in your house. 

Enjoy this special time. Your couple interactions and special times together keep you connected and up for the challenge of raising healthy, happy children!

Couple time 2

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