Renewal of Wedding Vows – An Ongoing Re-Commitment

wedding-ring-vows-2How important are marriage vows?   I went to a wedding this last weekend and couldn’t help but to begin to think about them. Wouldn’t it be great if we did a yearly redo of our vows.  There are many folks who at some point do a renewal of wedding vows. I know my husband and I did. But really don’t we all have to make continuing re-commitments to each other. Going through the thick and thin can be tough at times. And making our wishes and intent for our ongoing relationship expressed verbally can be very powerful. It not only shows commitment, but it creates a vision that we will consciously and unconsciously worked on. 

When I heard this young couple expressing their love and vows to one another it brought back my own vows and feelings of commitment to my own relationship. I think this happens for many folks. And I think every time we attend a wedding it is a gentle reminder of our own vows to our spouse. So by all means accept those wedding invites and recall your own vows and what they mean for you as a couple.

So if it has been a while since you took your vows, you might even consider doing a renewal of your vows. It does not have to be exact vows you did initially. In fact, we grow and change and your vows may look very different the second time around. I actually think that second set of vows may be more powerful as you know what it means to be in a marital relationship.

You might even consider a yearly redo.  Doing them on your anniversary would add an extra punch to them. A wonderful reminder of what you want and hope for in your relationship. I always tell my clients “What you think, is what you get!” Basically, meaning if you share with your spouse  your specific intentions and wishes for your relationship you are more likely to get it.

Renewing of vows can be done with just the two of you or can be done with the witnessing of your friends and family. Both ways will work. The witnessing adds a special covenant that makes it public how strongly you feel.  Regardless your words (and of course the followup action) is what counts. Remember you are the creator of your relationship and what you want it to look like! Best wishes on your vows of love and commitment!

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