Connecting Through Co-Creating Your Family Picnic

Picnics are not just for summer! The fall leaves and weather is so mild here still in OK. Consider a picnic in which you co-create it with your family. Instead of Mom (or in some cases Dad) making up and preparing the picnic basket or back packs, consider the family doing this together. I had a recent experience in which I was preparing everything and one of my family members said, why don’t you let everybody just make their own picnic lunch. I was thinking, “I like that idea!” I could have just put everything out on the table and said have at it. Instead, I decided to make some food stations to make it a bit more fun and make it easier to find everything. I created the following stations:


Sandwich Making Station

Fruit Station


Cut Up Your Own Veggie Station


Trail Mix Station

Drink Station

I had a variety of things to choose from at each station. I think this is the part that makes it fun, having some choices.  Everyone in the kitchen together, cutting and chopping veggies and folks making their own brand of trail mix, etc. has a very connecting feeling to it. Of course you can adapt this food making adventure to the age of your children. It is a great opportunity to be together and interact, while creating your own unique and personalized picnic lunch.  So much better than one person doing it. And a nice message to all the family members that everyone can contribute and have fun!

I would suggest you have a sack for each member to put their “creations” in. This can prevent confusion over whose food is whose.

The cool thing about picnics is they can be a part of many different settings: on nature trail walks, at the park, at the zoo, in your back yard OR even in the middle of your living room floor on a blanket!

Remember you can do a picnic any time of the year. Of course, I suppose fall, spring and summer have the most appeal. Even a mild winter’s day might be fun. So enjoy your co-created picnic lunch wherever you live and no matter what season it is!

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