What Your Loved One REALLY wants for Valentines Day

What does your loved ones REALLY want for Valentine’s Day? They want “YOU” in the purest sense. They want your focus and attention and love! I have listed some ideas on how you can accomplish this. These general ideas can be for a spouse, partner, significant other or your child.


How to show your loved one that YOU are there for them on Valentine’s day?

1. Planning ahead can mean so much in showing  your loved ones that you matter to them. We plan for work, for our activities outside of work, etc. So planning for our loved ones who are a high priority for us makes sense. It is a message of “YOU are important to me!”

2. Setting up time to BE WITH your loved one. This means physically and emotionally. If for whatever the reason if it can not be on “the day”, then make sure you plan an alternate day that you designate as your special time together. Having time together shows your commitment to them.

3. Communicate and plan jointly as to what you will be doing.  As you plan what you will do really talk to each other about what is a good fit as to interest and enjoyability. All shows your true intent to give a gift of time and interest in pleasing the other.

4. To Gift or Not to Gift? Valentine’s gifts for some are important and others not so much.  Know your loved one. A gift of a special experience or activity may be just the ticket. Others may enjoy a more traditional gift – flowers, jewelry, chocolates, etc. Even with a traditional gift, making it to fit uniquely makes it extra special. If you know your sweetheart loves a particular color or kind of something, choose that of course. A coupon book of “Things You Will Do” for your Loved One can be fun. A special “hand made” card for your honey can hit the mark for many. Or a special home cooked meal of their very favorite foods can be a treat for some. It is your thought and use of your knowledge of your loved one that really counts. Not so much the cost of something. 

5. Consider doing Valentine’s Day more than one time a year. All of the things we try to do for Valentine’s Day can be things we do on a regular basis. This is what our loved ones want to feel connected and special – FOCUS, ATTENTION, and LOVE! 

happy couple

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