Connecting with What You Love During the Holidays


I have decided to make time for what I love the most during the holidays. Not always easy in the rush and dash to get it all done. I wish for you too this lovely idea of making time for what matters. So what matters to you? Is it family? Or spending time with loved ones? Or connecting with the spiritual meaning of the holidays? Is it doing specific holidays rituals that bring you joy? Whatever it is I wish this for you.

A few things to consider to connect with what you love . . .

  1. What do you love most and most want to connect with during the holidays? Consciously decide what that is. There may be parts of past holidays that you liked and other parts that you did like so much.
  2. Consider adding in more of what you have enjoyed and has had meaning for you in the past. Or this can mean adding in pieces that have not been a part of your holidays in the past, but you want them to be. You are the creator of your holidays.
  3. Think about deleting of doing less of things that have not brought you joy in the past. Sometimes we cannot “delete” things that need to be done to prepare for the holidays or take off our plates certain obligations. But we can potentially do less of them or shift these things so they are more enjoyable. Or maybe even turning something that is not enjoyable for you or something you would rather not do, by pairing it with something you do enjoy. For example: Maybe you hate wrapping your gifts, but you love watching holiday movies; so you combine the two and have a wrapping party as you watch your holiday movies, eat your favorite snack and wrap gifts.
  4. Highlight and fully absorb all the joyful things that happen to you during the holidays. It may be that you are surprised by what  turns out to bring you happy feelings. When they occur, take a moment and let them really soak in.
  5. Last of all let the not so joyful things that occur roll off your back and keep your focus on the stuff that brings you feelings of joy and happiness. Reliving and dwelling on the things that have upset you will only rob you of your joy. So let it go and enjoy the good stuff. If it really is bothering you then it may be you need to decide what will make you feel better and put that into action opposed to obsessing over something.  It can be helpful to remember what we focus on is what we get more of. So keep those thoughts on what is making you happy. You will be glad you did.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday filled with all the things you love to do!


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