Stress Less – Enjoy Your Holidays

cats on table with christmas tree sleeping

Let’s look at the number 1 stress buster for the holidays – SIMPLIFY. So what does it mean when we say simplify? Does it mean do nothing or give up on the holidays? Absolutely not. Let’s look at the basics of how to simply without giving up what really maters to you.


  1. Prioritize what you really need to get done.   This really is key to simplifying. Do you really need to make that extra batch of cookies? Are there some things that can be cut from your “list”? What needs to be done first? What can be saved until later or maybe never? Take a look at how to order your line up and if times runs short you will know you did what really mattered.
  2. Do what is most important to you and your family Pick out the things that make you most happy. As you are looking at what lies ahead of you for the holidays, decide what really is most important to you. What matters to you and your family? What parts are your least favorite? Do you need to really do these things? What do you want to remember years from now? And what do you want your family to remember?
  3. Decide you do not have to be perfect.  This is not always easy. But if you can master the idea that  you do not have to be perfect, you will be so much happier. Nothing wrong with trying to do your best but when you stress and you become upset and cannot live up to unreasonable standards it does not serve you well. In fact in can make you ill. So be kind to yourself and chose to laugh at your “mess ups”.
  4. Prune away the parts that do not matter.  Planning complex projects or activities when your time is short is a set up for stress and a lot of it. So find the core pieces that matter and focus on that.
  5. Be happy with what you do!  You may look around and think, wow look at what the Jones family is doing. Of course it always looks greener from a distance. Focus on you and what fits for you and your family. And be happy and enjoy your time with your family. Be grateful for what is. Choose to be happy. It is all about perception. 

In my own effort to simplify and stress less and spend maximum time with my family, I am letting my blog take a rest and I will see you after the 1st of the year.

Happy Holidays to You All!




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