One Strategy to Recapture Your Calm & Focus on What You Do Want


We all have been there. Too much to do. Too much to manage. Too much overwhelm. Just simply too much! There are lots of things we can to do work on these issues. Sometimes due to circumstances we have to choose to stay the course as to making significant changes. Here is one simple strategy that I find helpful as to feeling more calm and in control of the overwhelm.

Simply choose an area that is in upheaval and drives you crazy – maybe it is your desk, maybe it is a make up drawer, maybe a collection of items that are stacked in your entryway from the garage, etc ….  And then begin work on ruthlessly going through clearing out what you no longer need, aka throwing out or giving away. And keeping what you do want, you do need, what brings you joy or is necessary to what you do. It feels so very good to do this. Here are a few key pieces to consider as you do this activity.

  1. First sort out what you do not need or want. If you have not used it the last 6 months to a year, ask yourself is it something you really want to keep, something that is really needed or is it just taking up space. Items that you do not need just take up space not only physically, but emotionally. So you were given a gift that you really, really do not like or can use, let it go to another who will enjoy it. Of course no need to announce this to the gift giver.
  2. Put it back together in a way that feels pleasing to you, that makes you feel good. Avoid over packing an area so it cannot breath. Bunched up, crammed is not practically helpful or is it emotionally helpful. Being more minimal is more calming. That said, if collecting trinkets brings you joy and comfort do so. Just key in to how you really feel and go with it  Do also remember that the put back does not have to be perfect. Just whatever is pleasing to you.
  3. Pace yourself. Do what feels best as to a de-clutter process of an area. It may be you do 15 minutes a day on an area. Or even 5 minutes if that is what you can do. You may find that actually is all you need to clear out a drawer that is driving you crazy. Or you may be the kind of person who wants you start you really get into it and just do it in one full swoop.
  4. Clearing the clutter leads the way to more calm and more room for what you do want. Sometimes we just cannot see through the clutter. Many feel more energy and more hopeful and less overwhelmed with a “clean out”. And  with that new energy, ability to hopefully really focus on what we do want. We are all different of course as to what kind of environment brings us joy and peace. No wrong or right way here. Use your instinct to guide you.
  5. This is not about being obsessive or perfect, but about clearing and creating space that feels good to you freeing up energy to focus on what is important. Just simply focusing on releasing what you do not need or want may be all you need to feel better. In addition, I might add, living spontaneously and fully without worry about “messing things up” can be freeing in itself. There is a balance in living in the now and keeping space clear and free-flowing.

Feeling STUCK and over-whelmed? Clean out a drawer and see how it feels. Here is to lots of healthy de-cluttering and creation of space to do what you most want to do. Who knew cleaning could be so good for you!


3 thoughts on “One Strategy to Recapture Your Calm & Focus on What You Do Want

  1. I think I this is a great point – Put it back together in a way that feels pleasing to you, that makes you feel good. I have recently does this with some of my books. I got rid of a handful but the bets bit was being able to then arrange the books on the shelf so it looked better and less cluttered.


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