10 Notes of Wisdom to Ease Your Worry

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Listen carefully for “Words of Wisdom”. They are all around you. I have found that in everyday conversations, that I will have something said to me that just “fits for me”, a piece a wisdom that I am particularly needing at that time and place. This could be in the written word as well. It may or may not be a work of fiction. I at times find very insightful lines in a non-fiction novel. Let your instinct tell you if it has a true ring of truth to it and could it be helpful for you. You will probably just know without analyzing it. I find many times they come at the perfect time.

I just have to be really listening and attending. 

Of course, we have things said to us also that do not make sense and are not what we want to take in and use for reference. You can let those comments float on by. You will know as well that they are not a fit for you or are helpful for your personal growth. Let those go. Attend to the positive. It will get you so much further and make you feel so much better.

I normally seem to draw these pieces of wisdom when I am upset, overwhelmed or down.  And then other times, I will be given these wisdom pieces at very unexpected times. And I will think to myself. Wow! I need to write that down. And I do when I think about it.

Keeping a “wisdom notebook” is a great way to go back to these wonder “gems” you have picked up along the way when you need them. 

Here are My Top 10 Wisdom Words from this last year we have just closed out.

  1. “It doesn’t have to be perfect.” I was hosting a lunch for some professional friends at my home. I was apologizing for not having enough of something and one of my very wise colleagues said to me . . . “It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s ok as it is.” I like to say this to myself when I am stressed and not reaching that level of perfection that I like to achieve at times. It always makes me feel better.
  2. “Just focus on one step at a time and before you know it you will be there.” I had a good friend who happens to be a relative as well tell me that she had just gone through a time when she was feeling very overwhelmed. She said her husband told her . . . “Just focus on one step at a time and before you know it you will be there.” I remember thinking to may self, yes it is true, just taking a small step at a time will get us where we need to go. We don’t have to focus and worry about it all at one time. Sometimes just taking a small step is all we need to do.
  3. “If we don’t like something, we can always change it.” While visiting with a savvy young woman one day, she was telling me of her partner and how he was concerned about something they had chosen to do. She told him . . . “If we don’t like something, we can always change it.” There you go, we don’t have to be stuck with a decision we make and later don’t feel good about. We always can choose to change what we are doing. Isn’t that great. We all have so much power and choice. We just forget.
  4. “It is just us.” Ok. I will fess up here. I was hosting another event. This time for a large group of relatives. I was wanting to it to go well and have everyone have a great time. I admitted my feelings of stress to one of my sweet relatives who is always kind and compassionate. She said . . “It is just us.” She was basically saying we love you and will not judge you for what you do or don’t do. These are the kinds of folks we need to choose to spend time with. And I might add as a side note, that after a bit of reflection that I thought regardless it is not about what others think, but about what I feel good about. And I really did feel good about my efforts. So it was not perfect and we all had a great time. End of story.
  5. “Visualize, Pray About or Express Your Desire OR For Something Better.” I have read some wonderful material this year that has this as a central message. Let the Universe know what you want or desire and be open to that or something better. This opens up the door for not just our own version but for something that might be even better. I actually like this thought in working with couples as they try to find ways to resolve differences. Sometimes it is not about his or her way, but about a whole other way that they did not originally think of . Bottom Line: BE OPEN to the Idea of Something Else.
  6. “I do something each day.” I know a “younger” older woman who is close to 90  years old. She says that she tries hard to do something out of the house each day. She stays engaged with life and you would of course never guess she is close to 90. What a model for all of us – to stay engaged with life and go out there and do something each and ever day. Being involved and enjoying life keeps us happy. So here is to more getting out there each and ever day.
  7. “Hate is an awful thing.” As I listened to this woman talk of some of her in-laws and the family conflicts that had occurred, I could not get out of my head her description of the interactions that had happened and how she ultimately said . . . “Hate is an awful thing.” And indeed it is.  At times we may need to go through this feeling first, to process it fully and then we can move forward. But eventually we must all move forward from this very intense emotion as it will surely be poisonous to us and not always so much to the person we are hating. So as you move forward you are doing this for you and your health and well-being. It does not say what someone else did to you is ok, just that you are ready to move forward to release yourself to enjoy your life again.
  8. ” _________ happens.” Well this is a favorite expression I here on occasion from my best friend. And it is true. Life does not always go the way we envisioned it to. We can think about why and sometimes this can be helpful. But at other times it just does not make sense. I am mainly talking about what happens outside of our relationships. We just don’t always know why something happens. Accepting that this is the case can free us up from bitterness and upset. Yes processing a loss or bad situation is important. But dwelling in it will keep us stuck. There are better times ahead. Keeping our focus there can help.
  9. “I sort of like January and February.” You don’t always hear this from folks. When I was told this recently, it made me stop and think. This person told me there was not a lot happening in January and February and they liked this. I think she was really saying it was a time to relax and regroup and not be so busy and on the go. Winter time has a way of keeping us in more. Not only physically but I think it is a nice time for inner reflection as well. I plan to use this cold winter time to do some of this. I hope you too will find time for some inner reflection as well.
  10. “It’s ok. I can take a break to focus fully on what I need to.” I have been absent from blog writing for the last half of the year or so. Lots of transitions which lead me to a decision to put some of my regular activities on hold, trying to be kind and compassionate with myself and to not get too overwhelmed. I decided .. . “It’s ok. I can take a break to focus fully on what I need to.”  I like to live a full life, but at times I have come to realize you have to put some things on hold to be able to fully enjoy or manage time frames within your life. So I hope you will take a break or reduce your time to what is truly needed when life seems to point in this direction. Be kind and take care of yourself and what is most important to you!

Happy New Year to You All and May You Listen Carefully for Your Own Words of Wisdom that Come Your Way!

Please do add in “words of wisdom” to share with others if you like. Thank You. 


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