My Favorite Resources for Divorcing or Divorced Parents

child crying as leave with dad in car

My favorite, simple, easy to navigate, concise book  for divorcing or divorced parents is the TransParenting Parent Handbook. It’s been around for a while, but I really like it. The purpose of this book is to provide information on how to help children adjust to a changing family structure due to divorce. To access this book go  to their website:  .  Go to the Purchase Transparenting Materials tab. It is currently about $16. to purchase. This has been used in the Helping Kids Cope with Divorce program.

As I was recently in this site, I found it refers to another website: . This is an excellent site that contains information in the way of articles and videos that are to help divorcing or divorced parents to reduce conflict and focus on the needs of children. It contains a Parent Corner and a Professional Corner.

In addition I discovered a website called: , which is intended for parents who have never married.This is a unique website set to address a group that is not always included in the conversation of two homes for children.

One last new discovery is a website for parents who still feel they can save their marriage and are trying to manage this in between, difficult situation. This website is: . So if this would be a situation that you are trying to manage, I hope you will check it out.

This is a challenging time for children and parents both, but with collaborative, co-parenting it can be managed in a way to help chlldren adjust in the most healthy way possible.