Having a Healthy, Happy Holiday. Is that Possible?

eating healthy family

Is it possible to have a healthy and happy holiday? I think so. First of all my definitions of “happy” and “healthy”. Happy is what brings you joy and feels really good to your whole mind and body. And healthy is about listening to our bodies and our “inner voice”. The two terms are actually very interconnected. 

When we think of healthy we think of what is “good” for us. And yes there is that part. But it is also about how when we are doing things healthy  (listening to our bodies and inner voices ) ultimately it brings us happiness and joy.

Here are some things to consider when thinking about your holiday and how it may be possible to balance these two not so unrelated concepts.

  1. Decide what YOUR definition of “healthy” and “happy” are. Each of our definitions will be a bit different as we are all unique.  
  2. Entertain the idea that “Good for You” or “Healthy” does not have to be not fun or boring or sacrificing. It can be joyful and feel really, really good. Because it is about really listening to your body and inner voice as to what is best for you and what you need right at that moment. And it feels so satisfying when you can be truly attuned to that small still voice within you. So you are at a family gathering. It may be your body is saying I have eaten a lot of food and have been sitting a long time, I need to move a bit. So you go for a walk with some like-minded folks who feel the need to go out and move a bit too. Or maybe you really want to splurge a bit and eat off the path and you find as you are doing this that your body has a time when it says that is enough, these few bites are enough. Or maybe you want to make a special dessert and still be somewhat healthy. So you search and find there are many such recipes available.
  3. Not being obsessive about being healthy. I am not suggesting that you not stay true to what you believe in and feel good about. I am suggesting that on occasion you may not have a choice and have to eat something that is not optimal or what you want to be eating. Maybe you are traveling. Or it may be you cannot exercise at the same level during the holidays, but you can get some active time. So be ok with what you can do and enjoy and decide not to worry too much about a bit of shifting.
  4. Plan concrete ways ahead of time as to how you can incorporate  your healthy / happy lifestyle into the holidays. As you are planning your activities with your family, try to see if you can include some active times and also some healthy dishes or drinks, etc.  Plus some true relaxing time frames. Because rest and relaxation are of course a part of a healthy lifestyle. So brainstorming as a family how you can have a nice balance of special treats and activities and also times of more low-key activity and some healthy food and physical activities.

Happy Holidays to you all and best wishes for a healthy, happy holiday!