It’s Time for a Tulsa Driller’s Baseball Game

721-tulsa-drillers-baseball-gameIt is baseball season and the Tulsa Drillers play at the state of the art ONEOK Field which is located in the historic Greenwood District in downtown Tulsa. The ball park is an art deco architecture style to blend with down town Tulsa’s art deco.  The season runs from April – September.

This is a perfect family activity (though I would not recommend this for preschoolers due to the length of the games). You could take the  whole family or have a special parent / child time.  You will have to decide if your child is ready for a two to three hour event. And of course if your child has an interest in baseball this will of course make this a more enjoyable activity. You could also consider just going to part of a game as an introduction to baseball to keep it a positive experience if things begin to fall apart. You want this to be fun memory.

Or this would also be a fun couple activity. This is a fun, open air activity and only available to us certain times of the year. Lots of time to chat and hold hands and just be together.

If you would like to look at the Tulsa Drillers’ schedule or find out more about them or the games you can check out their website