Creating a Romantic Picnic in the Park


It is Spring Time and the flowers are blooming and the grass is green. It  is a time of the year when it is not too hot and not too cold, for the most part. Of course, living in OK you never really know! In general a perfect backdrop for a romantic picnic in the park. One of the other upsides is that it is FREE.


1. Consider WHICH park you choose for your romantic adventure.

The ones that would be most conducive to romance might be ones that:

  • Are large enough that you can separate yourselves from playground areas that have lots of active children.
  • Have the least road noise
  • Are the most aesthetically pleasing – flower gardens, ponds, etc.
  • Potentially less frequented

2. Think about WHEN to have your picnic. 

  • Possibly choosing a less frequented time.
  • Or think about which day you go. If you have some flexibility this will offer you even more privacy.
  • Consider a breakfast picnic or an evening picnic.
  • A quick, sweet meet in the park during the week at lunch can be novel and fun and send the message to each other that you can take a quick breather with your sack lunch to be with your honey. Of course this means choosing a park that is close to work.  This short burst of time together can be uplifting and help to keep you connected.

3. What to Bring

  • An old blanket to spread out and lay on if you like. 
  • Your favorite picnic foods. But “no worries” if you don’t have time to cook. Stop at your favorite restaurant and take their food the park.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes to be able to fully relax and walk and explore.

4. What Not to Bring

  • Your cell phone (or turn them on silent to preserve the mood)
  • Your lap top
  • Your paper work
  • Your children
  • Your friends
  • Your problems and issues

5. What to Do

  • Talk
  • Sit and enjoy your surroundings together
  • Feed each other
  • Hold hands
  • Talk a walk around the park together
  • Take pictures of each other or have someone take a picture of the two of you to remember your special time together

Currently in April in OK the azaleas are in bloom, but as you know not for long. Woodward Park in Tulsa has one of the prettiest shows in town and then Muskogee’s Honors Park has a very large display of them. But there are of course beautiful flowers throughout the spring and summer. Plus, fall is a beautiful time for a picnic too.

A listing of Tulsa, OK  parks and their addresses can be located through the following website: . Click into Parks and Places. You will not only find Tulsa’s parks, but other neighboring OK towns: Catoosa, Bixby, Bartlesville, Broken Arrow, Owasso and Sand Springs.

Hope you have a wonderful picnic, just you and your honey!