Gilcrease Museum an OK Treasure – Summer 2014 Activities


 Summer is an excellent time to go visit Gilcrease Museum. The 23 acres of themed gardens is lovely right now. And Gilcrease is in full swing with lots of planned summer activities for children, families and adults. Check out the Gilcrease calendar at . You will find some FREE activities, such as The First Tuesday of the Month is free admission and there is a Free Funday Sunday on the 3rd Sunday of the Month. This fun day is set up for families. In addition you will find art camps for children and adult events as well. You will also find a dining facility that is open 11:00 – 3:00.  There is a lovely view of the Osage Hills.



Gilcrease Museum has the world’s largest collection of American Art and History. The American West and Native America art is the focus for this museum that is visited by folks from around the world. Admission is $8. for adults, $5. for college students with id and 18 and under are FREE. Gilcrease is open 10-5, Tuesday – Sunday. 

Gilcrease Museum

1400 North Gilcrease Museum Rd

(10 minutes from downtown Tulsa)

Tulsa, OK


I spent part of Father’s Day at Gilcrease and was delighted with the two exhibits we focused on. I would suggest both of these to check out.

  • Chiricahua Apache Artist Allen Houser exhibit showcases his sculptures and drawings. I absolutely loved his exquisite sculptures. My particular favorites were the  parent child sculptures which were powerful and absolutely beautiful. This exhibits ends on June 29. It would be well worth the time to go visit this exhibit.
  • Focus on Favorites – Masterworks for the Gilcrease Collection. If you have limited time this is a wonderful way to see all some of the most famous pieces of the Gilcrease Collection.

Check out their website for information on all of their exhibits and upcoming events.



I hope you will consider to put Gilcrease in your summer plans. It is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved ones, connecting with wonderful works of art. This would make a great couple activity or family activity. So do take advantage of this Oklahoma treasure.

Storytime in the Park – Tulsa’s Library Schedule for June 2014

Storytime in the Park

Being involved in the Storytime in the Park program put on by the Tulsa City County Library is a wonderful way to spend time with your child this summer.This is the Reading Roadshow with stories, songs and special programs for the community. This is free to the public. The schedule for June is listed below. For more information, contact

THURSDAYS at 10:00 am

Quick Trip Plaza at River Parks

41st and Riverside



June 5     Musician and Dance with Andres Salguero

June 12     Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band

June 19     American Indian Dances & Storytelling with Mike and Lisa Pathsetopah

June 26     Vaudeville Magic Show with Chris Capstone

Please note that a Mobile Library will be on site with approximately 1000 items for all ages. 


Not sure on the weather, call 918-549-7323. If you live in another community, check out your Library’s programs for the summer.

The Library tends to create lots of fun programs for children in the summer. Many of these programs will involve you as the parent. So enjoy this fun, educational time with your child. Isn’t it great to be able to combine fun, relationship building and something educational. Yes indeed! So bring your blanket or lawn chair and join in the fun.

Using Summer Time Fun to Enhance Your Relationship with Your Child


 Want to have fun this summer with your child or children and build a stronger relationship? Summer offers so many opportunities for relationship building. Children typically do not have as many commitments. The hard part is that parents sometimes have the same work schedules and commitments. But do not despair. The longer sunlit days help us with less after school practices and homework, etc.

Here are some things to consider when finding ways to really “be with” your child and strengthen your relationship during these delightful summer time months.

  •  Use this wonderful time to expand your activities to include things that are considered summer activities. Make a commitment to do this. You will find that enjoying the extra sunlight and time outside is good for you to on a personal level too. Out there collecting all that Vitamin D (the happy vitamin) and enjoying the wonderful outdoors is a nice backdrop.
  • Create a structured time when you plan to take advantage of this beautiful gift of summer. This may mean you do a daily game of catch in the backyard or a every Tuesday night we go to the park night, etc. If it is scheduled or a regular commitment you have made it is so much more likely to happen.
  • Really talk with your child or children about what they enjoy doing in the summer time and incorporate as much of that as possible. Sometimes we think we know what our children want to do, but sometimes this changes and shifts as they age or grow new interests, etc. So ask. They will be so happy that you did. It also shows a deep respect for them as young people with their own unique preferences. And it shows you care and that you value their desires. This is not to say that if what they want to do does not fit with your value system that you need to do it. But it may be that you can find some similar things that would work for the both of you.
  • Really “BE THERE” during these special times together. It means putting all our electronic devices in the OFF position and really focusing on this special time you have been given to spend with your child. It also means that you ask your children if they are older and have electronic devices that they put their’s in the OFF position also. There may be a bit of grumbling. But when you tell them this is a special time and you really want to spend it with them they can get that and if not they will at some point.
  • Enjoy, listen, interact. Have fun! It is not so much what you have chosen to do, but more about your attentive interaction.

So have a great summer with lots of time to play and be with each other. You will be glad you did!


Tulsa Children’s Museum’s Electric Lime Gala – May 10, 2014

Want to have a bit of fun. Some dinner and dancing, a live auction and a chance to play at the Children’s Museum as an adult. Plus, help support our Tulsa community’s Children’s Museum. Then check out the Electric Lime Gala. See the information below.


children's museum gala lime event may 2014

This could be a fun couple’s event and serve a good cause at the same time. If you have not checked out the Children’s Museum here in Tulsa this would be a great opportunity to do so. So have fun and do something good for the community. What a nice mix.

Update on Hunter Park – A Fun Outing for a Couple or Family

hunter park dog park

Biscuit Acres Dog Park

It is time to go back outdoors and enjoy nature. Yea! Consider a visit to Hunter Park here in Tulsa. We had not been in a long time and were surprised at all of the improvements that they have made. It could be a very fun outing for a couple or for a family. It is composed of 71 acres. Hunter Park located at 5504 E 91st St, Tulsa, OK.  Here is what we found at our recent visit to Hunter Park.

  • Biscuit Acres, A Dog Park ( Only one of two public dog parks in Tulsa. The other is Joe Station on Charles Page Blvd. )
  • Basket Ball Courts
  • Frisbee Golf (You need to bring your own frisbee. )
  • Point 9 miles long walking / jogging / biking trails
  • Large Pond with 4 Fishing Platforms ( With a few ducks in residence. )
  • Playground for Children
  • Shelter with Picnic Tables and Grills, with a Large Open Field Behind It ( A nice place for game of soccer or baseball. )
  • Men’s and Women’s Restrooms

hunter park fishing docks over pond

 Fishing Docks

hunter park frisbee golf course

Frisbee Golf

Even though we are a cat family, we enjoyed watching folks having a grand time with their dogs. We liked how the big dogs and the little dogs had separate areas. So if you have dogs you will love this park.

The walking trails were fun and we liked how they looped through the woods and around the pond. It was very busy the day we went, but we will go back as it has a lot to offer.

Being outdoors in nature is a wonderful place to connect with your family or your honey. So hope you too will get re-introduced to Hunter Park if you have not been in a while.








Hunter Park is located at:

Can I Have This Dance?

couple dancing black and white

Want to keep connected? Consider dancing. This activity is one in which we move our bodies in rhythm with each other, connecting physically as well as emotionally.  It feels so good to move in time together. You may be thinking, well . . .  I don’t know how to dance. So this won’t work for me. There is an answer, Dance Lessons.

Why you might want to consider Dance Lessons?

  • It is an activity that you both can do together.
  • It is an activity in which you are engaging fully with each other.
  • It is a message to each other that you want to be up close and personal with your partner or spouse.
  • It feels good to accomplish a new skill together.
  • It is fun!

Some things to consider as a “beginner”

  • Keep in mind that everyone starts at some point in their history not knowing anything. So it is ok not to know what you are doing. None of us do in the beginning.
  • Consider a variety of options: Community Education Intro Classes through the Public Schools, Group or Individual Lessons at a Private Dance Studio or by a Private Dance Instructor.
  • Find an instructor that is positive and a fit for you.
  • Start with one kind of  dance and get comfortable with it before  starting with more.
  • The more you practice the better you get. On the other hand if you can only devote to one class a week, enjoy the time you do have.
  • Have fun with this. Laugh at your mistakes and keep it light. And keep on going. No one cares about your mistakes.
  • Know that it will take time to learn to dance. It is a process, so enjoy the journey.

As someone who has worn beginner’s dance shoes, I would just say “Hang In There”. It feels so good as things begin to click into place and you begin to feel you can really dance.

Hope you will consider this wonderful couple’s activity. You are never too old to learn. It is well worth your time and energy!

Tulsa Children’s Museum – Creating Playful Family Connections

dad and child at tulsa children's museum

Looking for a playful, connecting family activity? Try a Children’s Museum. Tulsa has it’s very own museum for families with young children to middle school age children. Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab has interactive exhibits for active play and engagement. The three main current exhibits are:

Tulsa Tape & Tunnels – a 30 foot slide and bridge made from packing tape

child on packing tape slide at tcm

Make Shop – creating activities that explore sound, electricity, robots, etc. These activities change weekly.

make-shop at tcm

boys make shop at tcm

Toddler Area – active play and exploration for babies and toddlers / young children.

toddler area at TCM

Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab

560 North Maybelle, Tulsa OK  (in Owen Park, northwest of downtown)

Monday – Saturday     9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Sundays     11:30 am – 5:00 pm

$5.00 Admission ( Under 2 Free)

Contact Number: 918-295-8144


The museum exhibits are changed out 2-3 times a year. There are three main areas in one large room.  In addition, classes are offered for children 1st grade – 6th grade. Check out their website for current listings. Spring break classes are currently listed.

Tulsa Children’s Museum promotes the program STEM, which promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. And is partnered with the RECESS program which provides Health & Wellness Programs.

This is a wonderful Tulsa treasure and has such wonderful opportunities to play and connect with each other as a family; plus learn and grow. It is all win – win. So if you have not discovered this Tulsa gem, give it a try!  Your children will love you for it.

Note: If you do not live in Tulsa, check out your own community for a Children’s Museum.

Laughing Your Way to a Better Relationship

How can fun, laughter, and  playfulness create a better relationship? First of all this trio of “feel good” can translate to a “feel good relationship”. 

laughing couple closeup

Don’t we all want to laugh and feel light-hearted? Of course we do!  We just have to make the effort and take the time to set the environment to do so. Here are a few tips to LAUGH YOUR WAY TO A BETTER RELATIONSHIP:

1. First of all take a trip down memory lane and remember how good it feels to laugh and be playful, shedding the serious business of making a living, being a good parent, buying groceries, etc. This is not to say that these things cannot bring joy also. They can. BUT . . . when we are feeling free from worry and stress, we can feel so much more joy and happiness. So why not let it be with our loved one.

2. Make fun, laughter, and playfulness a priority. Schedule it in. Make it happen. Because it can make YOU feel better and in turn help YOUR RELATIONSHIP to feel alive and well.

3. Plan specifically for “down time” with your significant other or spouse, including playful, fun time. This will look different for different couples. If you don’t know what this might look like, then brainstorm to come up with some things you both could potentially enjoy that is light and playful. This could range from going to a funny movie together to going to the zoo to playing miniature golf to playing a game of your choosing, etc.

4. If you have very little time to “make this playfulness a part of your life” then consider some ONE MINUTE bursts of laughter and playfulness. HOW IS THAT you say. Well . . . here are a few ideas:

  • Laugh at yourself when you “mess up” and share the funny “mess up” with your loved one., creating an atmosphere of lightheartedness. 
  • Create a fun and playful greeting ritual.(maybe a hip bump or pinky hug or whatever you can come up with)
  • Show your Good MOOD, with bursts of silly, playful behavior. For example: Instead of quick kiss hello, you do an exaggerated row of 5 or 6 kisses. Your good mood will very likely rub off on your partner.
  • Tell of something funny or humorous that happened at work or home. It may be something as simple as your pet’s antics.
  • Playful teasing and bantering can create connection. We just want to make sure the teasing is fun and light, with no sensitive, potential hurtful interaction. We are talking “flirting”.

5. Visualize and create an intention that you will be happy and full of joy and will share that feeling with your sweetheart. As I like to say, “You Get What You Think.”


These breaks of playfulness and fun can create a strong connection. These times create an oasis from the sometimes difficult challenges we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

So I hope you will get busy . . Laughing Your Way to a Better Relationship!

Woody Guthrie Center – Downtown Tulsa Activity for Families or Couples

The Woody Guthrie Center in Downtown Tulsa would be a lovely winter’s day activity for families or for couples. It is dedicated to the life and legacy of American folk musician and singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie. This interactive museum is appropriate for mid elementary children and up. The center includes:

woody guthrie center orange close up sign inside

  • The Dust Bowl Section featuring the viewing of a film on the dust bowl as you listen to some of Woody’s Dust Bowl Ballads. (This was one of my favorite areas. Watching what the dust bowl was like was pretty fascinating.)
  • Music Bar for listening to Woody’s music.
  • Lyric writing station where you can have a hand at creating a lyric.
  • Woody’s America interactive map to learn about Woody’s history.
  • Woody’s Footsteps Exhibit.
  • Woody’s Lyric Journal.
  • Woody’s violin, guitar and mandolin.
  • Original, hand written lyrics of “This Land is Your Land”.
  • Woody Guthrie Archives and Research Area
  • Special Exhibit Gallery

woody's america map

Woody Guthrie Center

102 E M.B. Brady Street, Tulsa, OK  74103



Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

First Fridays: Open til 9:00 pm

Closed on Mondays 

This would be an especially fun trip for any family or couple who like music. And of course if you like Woody Guthrie, you will definitely love this museum!

Reading Together – A Couple or Parent / Child Activity to Connect Intellectually and Emotionally

Reading together is a wonderful way to connect with your loved ones, whether it is with a child, a significant other or a spouse. In our high-tech age, we don’t always think of this kind of activity. On a winter’s day or evening it can be great when outdoor activities are not possible.  Or when it is raining or really for any time that you need to slow down a bit. It is a way to add interest and new things to consider and discuss with one another. Basically a way to connect intellectually and emotionally, a double win!  Below I have shared some possible variations of how “reading together” might be done.

couple reading by fireplace

As a Couple . . .

  • Consider selecting a book that is of interest to both of you. Buy two copies, one for each of you. Or of course you can share or check it out from the library. Read a chapter and discuss.
  • Another possibility is to take turns on selection of which book you read together. This is a bit more adventuresome, but it does mix it up a bit and makes both people stretch. You could read a certain amount and then talk about.
  • You each read your own book but stop at intervals and tell each other what is going on with your book and what you think about it and have a conversation about it.
  • Instead of a book, you could do an article from a magazine, newspaper, something on-line, etc. Again discussion following.
  • One of you reads to the other. This is especially nice when one of you is ill.  Sometimes this can be spontaneous when one of you finds something of interest that you feel your loved one might find of interest.

As a Family . . .

  • Drop Everything and Read Time. Some folks call this DEAR time. Everyone can read whatever they like and then after a certain amount of time each person can share a bit of what they were reading. Questions can be asked or discussions can develop. And maybe as you do this you can have a snack together. You can have a regular time you do this as a family or set it up when you feel it is a good fit for your family to do.
  • Select a book to all read at the same time and to discuss. Maybe one chapter at a time.
  • Read Aloud Time: Family members take turns picking something to read to their family. This could be a very short story or a poem or a chapter of a book or a quote. This might be done on family night or be done as part of Family Meeting Time. It could be done where only one “read aloud” happens per time or each person does a short read aloud. Discussion can follow.

family reading together

As a Parent / Child Activity . . . 

  • Let your child choose a book and you take turns reading it together. You can talk about what each of your thoughts are afterwards.
  • You read to your child. Invitation for discussion afterwards.

Hope you will have lots of cuddle up time soon to do some reading together. You won’t be sorry you did!