Update on Hunter Park – A Fun Outing for a Couple or Family

hunter park dog park

Biscuit Acres Dog Park

It is time to go back outdoors and enjoy nature. Yea! Consider a visit to Hunter Park here in Tulsa. We had not been in a long time and were surprised at all of the improvements that they have made. It could be a very fun outing for a couple or for a family. It is composed of 71 acres. Hunter Park located at 5504 E 91st St, Tulsa, OK.  Here is what we found at our recent visit to Hunter Park.

  • Biscuit Acres, A Dog Park ( Only one of two public dog parks in Tulsa. The other is Joe Station on Charles Page Blvd. )
  • Basket Ball Courts
  • Frisbee Golf (You need to bring your own frisbee. )
  • Point 9 miles long walking / jogging / biking trails
  • Large Pond with 4 Fishing Platforms ( With a few ducks in residence. )
  • Playground for Children
  • Shelter with Picnic Tables and Grills, with a Large Open Field Behind It ( A nice place for game of soccer or baseball. )
  • Men’s and Women’s Restrooms

hunter park fishing docks over pond

 Fishing Docks

hunter park frisbee golf course

Frisbee Golf

Even though we are a cat family, we enjoyed watching folks having a grand time with their dogs. We liked how the big dogs and the little dogs had separate areas. So if you have dogs you will love this park.

The walking trails were fun and we liked how they looped through the woods and around the pond. It was very busy the day we went, but we will go back as it has a lot to offer.

Being outdoors in nature is a wonderful place to connect with your family or your honey. So hope you too will get re-introduced to Hunter Park if you have not been in a while.








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