A Time to Let Go and a Time of New Intentions for Your Relationships

With the new year, it is an excellent time to consider letting go and creating  “New Intentions” for your relationship. What does that mean? It means doing a bit of housekeeping. Out with the old and in with the new. The old being past hurts and misunderstanding and barriers to the relationship that you have with your loved one. The new being a focus on what you want for your relationship and then making a go for it. Can it be that simple? It can. So many times we choose to hang on to things that keep us from being happy.


This is not to say that you should grin and bear it. If you have some issues that need to be addressed with your loved one, then do so in a respectful way, clearing the air and space for new more pleasant feelings to take their place. Search for ways to resolve old, reoccurring  conflict with a mutual cooperative look at each of your perspectives with true listening and searching for ways to make things better. It is possible. Letting go of old hurts and unhelpful patterns are the first step to a better relationship. This creates a foundation for creating our intentions of what we really want for our relationship.

I wish for you a wonderful new year filled with relationships that are nurturing and loving, filled with lots of new intentions!

Christmas Compliments to Your Loved Ones – The BEST Gift Ever

“Christmas Compliments” are something I have used in the past and when I do I find them to be the BEST gift ever! Why is that? Well, it can be very rewarding when you trade “Christmas Compliments” with your family members. Letting each other know what you like about each other can go a long way to building and strengthening relationships. Family life can feel stressful and hard at times, especially as a parent when you are setting limits and children are not always so happy with these necessary boundaries. Or maybe as a couple you are feeling like you are way to negative with each other.

christmas stockings

So I hope you will consider this holiday season a time to balance what you are putting out there with words of acknowledgement of what you like about your loved ones. There is more than one way to give each other Christmas Compliments. Some possible ways you might consider are:

  • Have each family member write out (or dictate to a parent to write) a compliment for all the other members of the family. They can be deposited in the Christmas stockings and read when stockings are opened on Christmas morning or at the appropriate time.  If your children still thinks Santa brings their gifts and fills their stockings you may want to choose another option. For example: Each family member could have a special Christmas tin where their compliments are left. This option would allow them to have a fun place to keep their compliments too. Having each person put their name with their compliments makes them more meaningful.
  • Family members can wrap up the compliments like a gift for each other or use envelopes to put their compliments in for each other.
  • Have each family member verbally give each of the other members a compliment at one of your holiday meals.
  • One variation is using the 12 days of Christmas theme and for twelve days before Christmas each person gives other members a compliment. The Christmas tin or a Christmas cup may work well with this variation. Of you could have a nightly dinner ritual where you verbally share your compliments.
  • Use your imagination and personal knowledge of your family in finding ways to modify and use this potential strategy to appreciate each other more.

It may be necessary to explain what you mean by a compliment. Older children will of course pretty much know what you are talking about, but younger ones may not be so sure. You will have your own words. Some possible things you might include are: A compliment is something you say to another person that makes them feel good. It can be something that you liked that they did or something you admired that they did. It is positive and not negative. It is something the other person will like hearing.

Note: This can also be done as a couple. It can be just as fun and uplifting.


Connecting While Giving to Others – A Holiday Service Project for Your Family

Looking for ways to connect with your family during the holidays? Consider doing a family or couple project in which you are helping others who are in need. Not only can it be a way to connect on a deeper level with your loved ones, but it can be a wonderful way of instilling the value of helping others to your children.  And of course helping someone need!


Here are some things to consider with a Family or Couple Service Project:

  1. Who do we want to help? This is a great time to do some braining storming as a couple or as a family. It can be a time when you each can share what you feel is worthwhile to give to, what you each feel passionate about. And then practicing cooperatively coming to a conclusion about what service project you do. You may even choose to do more than one project.
  2. Are you going to volunteer time, give money or gifts? There are lots of options in all of these categories. Listed below are a few general ideas.
  • Gently used items – toys, household goods, etc can be donated to a non profit agency.
  • Collecting food as a family for a non profit group or shopping for food together to give to a non profit group that serves those who need help with food.
  • Participating in an Angel Tree that is in your community.
  • Bake cookies or holiday treats for the Homeless Shelter or a Nursing Home or whatever group you feel would like this kind of thing.
  • Have a party and have participants bring a particular item for your project. For example: All who come to the party bring mittens or hats for a Christmas tree that you decorate at the party for those in need. Or you could have folks bring canned goods to set under a tree. Then later you take it to an agency that you know can use it.
  • Donate some time at a non profit agency. Call non profit groups and see what kinds of things they need help with.

  3. Treat your family to a special treat or fun time after your service project and talk about all you have been blessed with.

Note: This is an activity that will work for couples also. No children required!

THANKS”GIVING” – Expressing Thankfulness and Kindness as a Family Holiday Activity

THANKS”GIVING” is a time to be thankful for all we have. It is a wonderful time for all of us to reflect on all we have to be thankful for and to share that with one another. It is the beginning of the holiday season and a time to decide what we will do with the holidays ahead.



I was listening to a broadcast on Hayhouse Radio today in which the speaker was talking about the concept of THANKS”GIVING” being an opportunity to not only be thankful for the good in our life, but a time to give back to others sharing something they can be thankful for. I like this idea! This incorporates two powerful ideas that can make us truly happy – being thankful and giving / acts of kindness to others.

So I hope you will consider using this idea as a springboard for letting your family members know why you are thankful for them and then consciously give back to your loved ones – passing on an act of kindness to them.  I am including two potential concrete activities to consider in connection with this general concept.

  1. I challenge you to choose to do this each day during the upcoming holidays. Think of something you are thankful for each day with one of your family members or loved ones and tell them what it is. And follow-up the same day with forwarding on an act of kindness to them.
  2. Of course this can be done outside of your family too. You could on purpose do this as a family project in which each of your reports at the evening meal or whenever you see each other all together who you thanked or gave some appreciation to AND then what act of kindness you did for someone that day. This could be a weekly check-in if daily is too much or not possible. This would be a time to reflect on what each of you have been thankful for and also what acts of kindness each of you have consciously chosen to do.

christmas heart tree

Here is to the wonderful holidays ahead and the many opportunities they give us to contemplate our blessings and give back to others!

HallowZOOeeN – Tulsa Family Event October 27-31, 2013

Looking for a fun Halloween family activity, check out the Tulsa Zoo’s HallowZOOeeN. One of the great things is that there are several nights available to take in this fun activity. 

Halloween Zoo event

Goblin Stops:

Pirate Island with Ship and Crew

Pumpkin Patch Playroom

Royal Castle with Archery, Crafts and Princessess

Haunted Train Ride

Cross Eyed Carousel

Haunted House

Candy Stops Along the Way

Ticket Prices:

Non-Members: $8

Members: $7

Haunted Train: $4

Cross-Eyed Carousel: $1

Then of course you get to the animals too. So what is not to like about this family activity.


  • Take it at your own pace and take your lead from your kiddo’s. It’s about enjoying the moments and being together as a family having fun. If you feel you are going to run out of time, one option is to give your child or children a choice of which they want to do for their ending activity. Another thought is to look at what is available and start with the things that your children are most interested in.
  • Even though this appears to be a pretty tame event, watching your little ones for signs of being scared and helping them cope is a good idea. What seems so very mild to us as grownups can feel so very scary to a little one or sometimes a not so little one.
  • Staying together as a family makes this a family activity and also keeps it safer. Some families may choose to split up mom and dad with children that have a large age difference. You could even do a balance of some all together and some split up to accommodate the different ages.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you live outside of Tulsa, check your own local zoo and my bet is they have some kind of Halloween or Fall event planned.

FREE Family Fitness Festival at St Francis Health Zone, Tulsa OK, Saturday, October 12 for All Ages

Check out the FREE family fun at St. Francis’s Family Fitness Festival this coming Saturday, October 12 from 4:00 – 8:00 pm. This will be held at St Francis Health Zone, 5353 E. 68th St. There are activities planned for all ages.

Children’s Carnival (for ages 5 and under, Kids Zone Patio, games and art activities)

Youth Fit Zone – Inflatable Obstacle Course (for ages 6 – 12, Health Zone Parking Lot)

family zumbaGlow in the Dark Zumba (dance for all ages, free glow sticks for the first 50 participants, from 6:00-7:30 pm)

As parents we all want our children to be active and healthy. Participating with children and teens in these kinds of events can promote the worthy goal of caring for our bodies.  This should be a fun family event that gets everyone moving. Plus, being active together has the added benefit of building your family relationships.

Here is to having fitness as a family goal!

PS To see the official brochure on this event, click on this link.     HZ_FamFes   Contact Number: 918-494-8263

Do you know about Choregus, Tulsa’s Modern Dance Performances?

choregus performance KoreshDo you like modern dance and music performances? You might consider checking out Choregus. They host world-class contemporary dance and music performances here in Tulsa. Their season runs from September through April and is held at Cascia Hall’s Performing Arts Center (Helmerich Theatre). Tickets are $15 – $40.  per performance. Plus discount tickets are available. I was not aware of this group until this summer and decided to do a post so that those looking for activities to do as a couple or as a family could be aware of this opportunity. I think they are worth checking out. They were the 2012 recipient of the Oklahoma Governor’s Arts in Education award.

You can call 918-688-6112 for more information. I would also suggest that you go into their website www.choregus.org to get detailed information about each of their performances.  There are links to view the dance or music company coming to perform.

The next two performances that are scheduled are:

Koresh Dance Company

Saturday, October 5 at 8:00 pm and Sunday, October 6 at 3:00 pm

Gillim Dance

Saturday, November 16 at 8:00 pm and Sunday, November 17 at 3:00 pm

I have not had the opportunity to attend any of Choregus’s performances, but I have two professional colleagues who have season tickets to Choregus and very much enjoy the performances that they bring into Tulsa.

If  you are a modern dance fan, this could be a very fun date night.   Or if you have a child who likes modern dance this could be a fun parent / child or family activity. Hope you will be able to check this out.

Family Night or a Couple’s Date Night at Admiral Twin Drive In- Tulsa’s Outdoor Movie Theater

admiral twin drive in logoI recently had a chance to take in a movie at the Tulsa’s Admiral Twin Drive In. This is Tulsa’s old-time outdoor movie theater.  It was fun! Thought I might pass the idea on to you as a potential Couples Date Night or as Family Night Out.  As this is a seasonal activity, I decided to go ahead and write this piece while they are still open.  When asked how long they stayed open? We were told that last year they were open from March 1st until December 1st.  It sounded like they had not made a decision for this year yet.  In a recent Facebook post they noted that they would close when the weather made them close.  So . . . you may want to consider doing this here at the end of the summer or  fall if you are interested. If in doubt just check their Facebook page or call them. Starting September 6, they are only open on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

Admiral Twin Drive In, Tulsa, OK

Phone    918-392-9959

Email      information@selectcinemas.com

Website     http://www.selectcinemas.com

A double feature is played each evening with two screens playing. Their Facebook info page indicates you cannot switch screens. We were also told this upon entering.

Sound comes through your radio speaker. You must have an FM radio to get the sound. Movie goers are allowed to sit outside of their cars with their lawn chairs or blankets if they wish. We noticed many folks opted to do this.

Animals allowed on a leash. Not allowed in restrooms or concession stands.

Admiral Twin operates a grill / concession stand. It was noted on Facebook that at times they have Food Trucks also as an option. I would check Facebook if you want to know on this.

Movie Times are listed on their website www.selectcinemas.com  or http://www.admiraltwindrive-in.com can be gotten by calling them  918-392-9959 or you can locate this information on their Facebook page.

Prices: 12 and up is $7:00 and 3 – 11 is $3:00.

They are located 7355 East Easton, Tulsa, OK.

admiral twin drive in acutal view of from distance

Special Note: As always, it is important to do  your homework if this is a family outing as to movies that are showing and determining if they are appropriate for your age of children.  Even though you can stay for both movies as it is a double feature, you do not have to. It appeared they try to do some family movies and some more adult type movies too.

If you’re in the mood to try something a bit old-fashioned and think your honey or family might like this kind of venue, it may be worth checking out.

Playhouse Tulsa’s “Little Women” This Weekend


For those of you who are fans of the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott you may want to check out this weekend’s performances of Little Women done by Playhouse Tulsa’s Summer Stage Festival. This is an original adaptation written by Cody Daigle and commissioned for Playhouse Tulsa. 

This play is based on the classic book which tells the story of the March sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. This is set in America Civil War times. Themes of friendship, love and family. It timeless tale.

This would be a wonderful activity for a mother and daughter, family or couple. It is all about relationships. A wonderful opportunity for lots of discussion afterwards.  Hope you will consider this play as part of your weekend activities.

Little Women

SummerStage Festival

July 12-13 at 7:30 p.m.; July 13-14 at 2 p.m.

John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa PAC, 110 E 2nd

Tickets 918-596-7111 or www.tulsapac.com

Guthrie Green – Arts and Entertainment Park; plus FREE fitness programs and Local Sunday Market

image_4I discovered Guthrie Green this spring. Guthrie Green is in downtown Tulsa, located in the Brady Arts District. It is a full square block between Brady and Cameron Streets and Boston and Cincinnati Ave. This is a real Tulsa treasure choked full of wonderful events every day of the week. It opened in the fall of 2012. So still a fairly new Tulsa park. I would suggest you check this out as a couple or as a family.

I am listing some of the wide variety of activities that Guthrie Green offers to give you a general idea of the treats that are there.

  • Sunday Market (locally grown produce, gourmet food trucks, homemade soaps, hand crafted jewelry, etc.) 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, April to October
  • Fitness on the Green (FREE)

Mondays – Tai Chi 5:30 pm

Tuesdays – Boot Camp 5:30 pm

Wednesdays – Family Yoga 10:30 am and Lululeman’s Community Yoga 6:00 pm

Thursdays Boot camp 5:30 pm

Fridays – Walking 4:00 pm

Saturday – Mommy & Me Yoga Class 10:00 am

  • Special Community Fitness Events (FREE)
  • ConcertsFilms and Plays (FREE)
  • Lucky’s on the Green (serving lunch and dinner during park hours)
  • Woody Guthrie Center (across the street from Guthrie Green)
  • Food Truck Wednesdays (live music, amazing food trucks and fresh air picnic, every Wednesdays from 11:30 – 1:30)
  • Water Fountain Feature for Children’s Play

For more detailed information and their calendar of events go to www.guthriegreen.com .

Potential Fun Couple’s Date Night: Performance of Shakespeare Play “Much Ado About Nothing” 

There are too many events to list, but I wanted to note for a fun couple’s night out you might want to consider a Shakespeare in the Park event that is occurring June 11-June 16 from 8:30 – 10:30 pm with a 7:30 pre show. Much Ado About Nothing  is being preformed. This is a fun romantic comedy. The pre-show will be 40’s music and swing dance.

I hope you will be able to take advantage of this wonderful new Tulsa arts and entertainment park. It has much to offer. Have fun!