Connecting While Giving to Others – A Holiday Service Project for Your Family

Looking for ways to connect with your family during the holidays? Consider doing a family or couple project in which you are helping others who are in need. Not only can it be a way to connect on a deeper level with your loved ones, but it can be a wonderful way of instilling the value of helping others to your children.  And of course helping someone need!


Here are some things to consider with a Family or Couple Service Project:

  1. Who do we want to help? This is a great time to do some braining storming as a couple or as a family. It can be a time when you each can share what you feel is worthwhile to give to, what you each feel passionate about. And then practicing cooperatively coming to a conclusion about what service project you do. You may even choose to do more than one project.
  2. Are you going to volunteer time, give money or gifts? There are lots of options in all of these categories. Listed below are a few general ideas.
  • Gently used items – toys, household goods, etc can be donated to a non profit agency.
  • Collecting food as a family for a non profit group or shopping for food together to give to a non profit group that serves those who need help with food.
  • Participating in an Angel Tree that is in your community.
  • Bake cookies or holiday treats for the Homeless Shelter or a Nursing Home or whatever group you feel would like this kind of thing.
  • Have a party and have participants bring a particular item for your project. For example: All who come to the party bring mittens or hats for a Christmas tree that you decorate at the party for those in need. Or you could have folks bring canned goods to set under a tree. Then later you take it to an agency that you know can use it.
  • Donate some time at a non profit agency. Call non profit groups and see what kinds of things they need help with.

  3. Treat your family to a special treat or fun time after your service project and talk about all you have been blessed with.

Note: This is an activity that will work for couples also. No children required!