5 Ways YOUR Happiness Can Create a Better Relationship

mindful peaceful woman in sunshine

Can your happiness and personal growth lead to a better relationship? I say YES! It may feel these two things do not always mesh. But they can and do. So how can our happiness create a better relationship? Here are 5 ways your happiness and feelings of well-being can lead to a better relationship.

  1. Being happy and filled with our own purpose sets a foundation for creating a happy relationship. If we are not happy and feel we are not in touch with own purpose for this life it is hard to create a deep intimate relationship with another. To be able to create a harmonious and synergistic relationship with another we first must feel good about ourself and what we are here to do. Then we can create a strong relationship.
  2. Happiness is contagious. Your happiness and feeling of well-being will spread to those around you.
  3. Coming from a place of happiness will allow for more good feelings about your loved ones.  When you are happy you feel more empathy and love for those around you. Many of our wisdom leaders talk about how we must first love our selves to really love others.
  4. You will have more to share with your partner. More stimulating conversations. Different interactions. This can create a space for growth and a new kind of connection.
  5. Being happy and filled with your own purpose allows you to take some pressure off the relationship. Yes your relationship should make you feel happy and joyful, but it should not be your only source of feeling good.

Consider taking time as a couple to work on personal growth and development. It may mean reading an inspirational book together and having conversation as to how this impacted you and your views of personal growth or happiness. Or it could be attending church together or developing a spiritual practice together. Or it could mean finding things that brings happiness and joy to you both. Or it could be that you find something you both feel passionate about that you can share.

change yourself change the world

I had a personal experience this last week in which I took some time with my husband to attend a personal growth conference. It felt so wonderful to hear new ideas and talk about those ideas together. It was a challenging time to get away but we did it and we were glad we did.

So here is to learning more about self-care and how you fit in this wonderful world we live in. Weather you do this on your own or with your loved one,  it is well worth your time and effort. Personal growth and happiness can help create the foundation for a rich and rewarding relationship.