A Kiss Hello and Goodbye … A Ritual of Connection


OK, don’t we all really want a kiss hello and goodbye. Of course we do. But sometimes this drifts away as time goes on. It doesn’t mean it cannot be put back into your relationship. IT CAN!

This is a way to send our partner or spouse off with the message of  “I love you and I am thinking of you and wishing you well.” It is also a way to  re-connect after being apart. The message here is “I missed you and I am glad to be back with you.” 

We have to remember to set the tone for this kind of ritual. Some things we can do to encourage this kind of ritual are as follows:

  •  Show our openness and desire for this kind of interaction. 
  • Have a discussion with our loved one about this ritual and why we want to include it on a daily basis.
  • Agree as a couple to have this as a goal and each be willing to remind the other in a respectful way. 
  • Be an initiator of this KISS!!!
  • Tell your loved one how much you enjoy your kiss goodbye or hello.
  • Remember if you are GRUMPY or are making a complaint or airing an upset feeling as you part or re-connect, THE KISS WILL GO BYE-BYE.

If a kiss is not in the cards, try for a hug. This can be a good start. Of course a kiss and a hug are the best combination! 

Note: Keep some breath mints or gum  in your car, purse and in easily accessible places in the house. This can take away the concern that you do not have the fresh breath you want for your sweetie. Here is to more KISSES!♥♥