Linnaeus Garden Celebration, June 15 – Free Butterfly Bushes and Gardening Lecture and Advice


Do you and your loved one enjoy or have a strong interest in gardening. It can be a rewarding COUPLE hobby to develop and the fruits (or vegetables or flowers) of your labor can be great. The time spent together collaborating and creating something of beauty or meaning can be well worth the effort.

Tulsa Garden Center’s Linnaeus Teaching Garden 7th Anniversary Celebration is this Saturday, June 1st from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.  The Linnaeus Garden is at 2435 S. Peoria Ave in Tulsa, OK.  This is a lovely place to visit without any celebration going on. But the extra benefits this weekend are as follows:

FREE one gallon, white “Profusion” Butterfly Bushes to the first 400 visitors.

FREE Seminar – GREAT GARDENING PRACTICES” presented by Dr. Carl Whitcomb, Horticulturist and Plant Breeder from 10:30 am – 11:30 am at the Tulsa Garden Center Auditorium

FREE Gardening Advice and Literature will be available from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Come enjoy this time as a couple enjoying the gardens and the special celebration.  And if you cannot come this weekend go and enjoy it in the summer, fall or spring!

butterfly bush

Tulsa Rose Garden, Tulsa Garden Center and Woodward Park – A Triple Hit for Mother’s Day (or any spring or summer day)


You can’t beat the lovely combination of the Tulsa Rose Garden, Tulsa Garden Center and Woodward Park, all rolled into one. The Tulsa Rose Garden is at 24th and Peoria, right next to Woodward Park which is at 21st and Peoria. And the Tulsa Garden Center is on the other side of the Rose Garden. Linnaeus Teaching Garden is behind the Rose Garden and Tulsa Garden Center. These are all FREE to the public.

It is a wonderful time to visit as roses are in bloom and it is Mother’s Day Weekend.  Of course this is a triple hit for any sunny day or early evening for families and for couples.  Walking in 4 and 1/2 acres of roses is heaven. The Rose Garden in done in an Italian Renaissance style with 5 terraces and a reflecting pool. 

Take time to enjoy what nature has to offer at this time of year. This is a sure hit with moms, families and a fun place for a romantic get-a-way.